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At the South Western tip of the African Continent lies the city of Cape Town. Affectionately known as the Mother City by locals and where the Africa Roam family resides.

An un-compromising ethos on service & product are the key factors that are imbedded when designing access to Africa and her storied landscape. Due to their direct relationships with key players and experts on the ground the team is able to offer a variety of experiences that you won't find online

This dynamic destination management company is made up of a team of people, who collectively share over 40 years of proven experience in Travel across the continent of Africa and her neighbouring islands. They have managed safari lodges, guided guests on the ground across Africa, worked for several of the big players in the travel industry gaining experience in consulting, leading and managing large teams, serving on advisory boards and excelling in sales and marketing.

Out of the ordinary, inspired, multi-dimensional itineraries are what fuels the passions of this highly knowledgeable team with a deep love of Africa and a true connection to her people and wild spaces. Inviting the traveller who wishes to immerse themselves in an authentic journey.

Rouhet Oosthuizen - Founder & CEO

Rouhet’s love of travel started very young, despite growing up in Apartheid South Africa. Obligatory annual trips to the Kruger National Park with her family started a lifelong passion to learn about the wildlife and the natural world that was home.
The African continent opened a new world In the early 1990’s when an opportunity arose to travel to Zimbabwe. Life was never the same after that epic trip. A deep love of exploration and discovery was cemented and it was crystal clear that this was a pivotal moment in steering a career in travel.

Currently residing in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is a privilege to have the vast Atlantic ocean and beautiful Cape Mountain ranges on one's doorstep:
The privilege to explore & live the most adventure filled life is a daily gift that it is not taken for granted.
Rouhet regards herself as an Alpine adventurer, Foodie, Wine Connoisseur, Art enthusiast, Land Rover driver & passionate explorer of the serene ocean that surrounds her world.

Rouhet would love to help you make your lifelong dream of exploring Africa come true!

Our Experiences

From specialized art tours, cooking lessons in private villas, photography lessons during a trek of Killamanjaro, sole access of Africa's wild areas, to making a direct hands-on contribution to the coalface of conservation efforts in Africa. These are just a few of the experiences one can enjoy. Always striving to enhance the travellers experience and giving back to the land and her people is part of the core belief and philosophy of Africa Roam.

Our Mission

A conscious effort to understand the diversity of the African Continent is a driving force and encourages the team to enhance education on different subject matters to as wide an audience they can entice to listen to their message. The mission is making a true effort to create not good, but great journeys and extraordinary excellence for all our guests from across the world.  

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