Africa is brimming with life, experiences and stories that can transform an ordinary journey into an extraordinary experience. Fulfill a lifelong dream, a journey you’ve always wanted to take. Africa Roam’s fervent passion is to provide authentic, luxurious tours in Africa that go beyond the norm.

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Our Destinations

No matter the destination, the journey is designed according to your personal desires.

Every spellbinding experience, from game drives, luxury tented safaris, nature walks, trekking, lying on white sandy beaches with azure waters shimmering, private dinners with those who are connected intrinsically to Africa and so much more, is crafted custom made for you.


South Africa – Cape Town – You can’t miss it!

Zimbabwe & Zambia – Majestic Victoria Falls

Tanzania & Kenya – Out of Africa

Botswana – Land of the Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Your Extraordinary Journey

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We are honored to bestow the secrets of Africa to you, through our life-long exploration of the continent, collectively working with fellow Africans who share the same passions and ideologies as we do. Let us show you the side of Africa that no-one else knows, a side brimming with life, love and stories to tell. 

We ensure an unparalleled experience which boasts adventure, excitement, luxury, love, culture, heritage and everything in between that makes us so uniquely African. We are in collaboration with suppliers who are unparalleled in the travel industry, to ensure that we have the best to offer. Considerable effort is taken to ensure that we deliver a consistent, extraordinary journey.

At our core, we are conservationists. A conscious effort to understand the African continent is the driving force and encourages the team to enhance education on different subject matters, to as wide an audience they can entice to listen to their message. The mission is making a true effort to create not good, but great journeys and extraordinary excellence for all our guests from across the globe.

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